Friends In the Bubble Bath


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David Wrench

  • Mixing

Enter the studio of wildly creative musician, songwriter, producer and mixer David Wrench! In this six-part series, Wrench takes you through the process of crafting a record by his electronic duo 'Audiobooks'. The song is called 'Friends In the Bubble Bath', and it is exemplary of the band's quirky, old-school aesthetic.

Learn about the unusual approach to songwriting taken by Evangeline Ling and David Wrench, with drummer Stella Mozgawa (of the band 'Warpaint') performing on the record. With a multi-track session, Wrench explores the song's arrangement and reveals his mixing techniques with simple yet effective plug-in chains. He also explains his methods of creating samples and discusses why he has moved to mixing fully 'in the box' while opting for analog synthesis over MIDI.

He elaborates on why he avoids parallel processing, mixes with a limiter, and handling the issue of dynamic range with clients requesting more apparent loudness.

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese

David Wrench

About David Wrench

David Wrench is a Welsh musician and studio producer/sound engineer from Anglesey, Wales. As he began his musical carreer in the late 80's, he was bitten by the crazy beats of acid house and was wholly inspired by dance music. In 1990, he released the first Welsh–language acid house 12–inch, ‘Lledrith Lliw’, as Nid Madagascar. His strong tastes for grooves, experimental projects, psychedelic trips and deep atmospheres made him working with many outstanding indie international artists like The XX,...

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