David Wrench

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We are proud to present our first video release featuring the gifted indie mix engineer David Wrench! This series revisits the acclaimed single 'Charlemagne' by Blossoms, mixed by Wrench entirely in the box. Taking you through the multi-track mix session, the acid house guru demonstrates the production methods and mixing techniques he infused into this record. He plays the rough mix, describes what he felt it was lacking, and reveals every step taken to build his final product. Aside from revealing his signal chains and plug-in settings, David Wrench covers other important subjects including the roles of his assistant, finding strengths and weaknesses in a rough mix, monitoring from different sources, and more.

David Wrench

About David Wrench

David Wrench is a Welsh musician and studio producer/sound engineer from Anglesey, Wales. As he began his musical carreer in the late 80's, he was bitten by the crazy beats of acid house and was wholly inspired by dance music. In 1990, he released the first Welsh–language acid house 12–inch, ‘Lledrith Lliw’, as Nid Madagascar. His strong tastes for grooves, experimental projects, psychedelic trips and deep atmospheres made him working with many outstanding indie international artists like The XX,...

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